People of all ages long for a connection to God, for strong and supportive community, and for meaningful work that aligns with their faith.

Transient neighborhoods often lack the structures of community that would help create relationships among neighbors and opportunities for residents to advocate for the needs of their neighborhoods.

Exorbitant rents prevent organizers, artists, and activists from living in the neighborhoods they love and want to serve.

The Charles River Episcopal Co-Housing Endeavor (Creche) is creating a network of long-term, affordable intentional communities that cultivate a transformed sense of belonging in their members while rooting them in their congregations and neighborhoods. We will make it possible for lay people to live out their vocations in the neighborhoods where they are needed through spiritual, financial, and administrative support.

As these households grow in faith and service, they will energize and inspire their parishes and their neighborhoods, offering models of a life that integrates meaningful work, a household pattern of devotion, congregational worship, and engagement in the wider community.

Who We Are

Creche is affiliated with The Episcopal Church, and is a collaborative effort between four congregations: Emmanuel Church, St Bartholomew’s Church, The Crossing, and the Episcopal Chaplaincy at MIT. Our initial seed funding has come from a generous grant from The Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts.