BU explores the NIMBY factor

nimbyFrom friend-of-Creche and real estate attorney Marc LaCasse:

The researchers combed three years worth of meeting minutes from 97 cities and towns in the region, and found nearly two-thirds of residents who stood up to speak about proposed housing developments did so to oppose them, while just 14 percent spoke in support.

“The people who show up to these meetings are overwhelmingly opposed to construction of new housing, in ways that are way out of whack with public opinion,” said Katherine Levine Einstein, a BU political science professor and the study’s lead author. “And, socioeconomically, they are not representative of their communities.”

THIS is why housing is so expensive in the Boston area. Plain and simple — inadequate supply caused by NIMBYs who philosophically pretend to be ‘progressive’ and want more housing — just not in their neighborhood.


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