We’ve got a new name!

You may have noticed that the Boston-Cambridge Mission Hub is now Creche – if you’re wondering what that means, here’s your obligatory FAQ. 

Q: What’s Creche?
A: It’s the Charles River Episcopal Co-Housing Endeavor.

Q: Wow, you must feel so clever.
A: I know, right? It’s like MTV Cribs, but churchier.

Q: So why the new name?
A: Well, “Boston-Cambridge Mission Hub” didn’t really communicate anything about our mission to create a network of mixed-income, inter-generational residential communities affiliated with The Episcopal Church. Further, “mission hub” is a very jargony term that doesn’t mean much to people outside of the Diocese of Massachusetts.

Q: You’ve been operating for two years – why change now?
A: BCMH was a project of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, but being subsidiary to the diocese limited us in some ways regarding finances and liability, so we’ve incorporated as an independent charitable organization, and this name change coincides with that.

Q: What can you do now that you couldn’t do before?
A: As a separate legal entity, we can do stuff like sign leases, borrow money for capital improvements, and purchase property. This will be clutch for our long-term goal of owning a network of residential communities.

Q: Since you’re an independent nonprofit corporation, does that mean that I can give you tax deductible donations?
A: Yes! I’m so glad you asked!

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