Inside WeLive

gq030118welive_07A couple thoughts:

  • You know that intentional community has gone mainstream when GQ is writing about it.
  • WeLive is making a WHOLE LOT more money than we are at this. $3520/month? Hello.
  • This should be exhibit A for everytime we try to explain to someone that “no, millennial aren’t choosing to live in community because we can’t afford a house in the suburbs. We’re choosing it because we *don’t want* a house in the suburbs. We want community!”
  • It’s fascinating that they remove the “self-governance” component of most intentional communities, thereby removing much of the work of living in community (and turning community into a product in the process).
  • The founder articulates that people need a reason to congregate now that religious congregations are in decline. That’s true. Yet it’s telling that he, himself, grew up in a kibbutz. 
  • Ultimately, companies like WeLive are partners, not competitors, in the ongoing transformation of how we live.

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