House Blessing for our new intentional community

Our first house has launched in Egleston Square! Our lease is signed, our people have moved in, and the work of being community begins!

We want to celebrate the huge amount of work that has gone into making this a reality, and also prepare our new community members for the even huger amount of work ahead of them!

So please come at 6pm for a potluck dinner and liturgy! Expect banging gospel music, silly and heartfelt blessings, and a whole lotta love.

What to bring: Food and drinks of any kind are welcome. So are voices and friends. If you want to be totally awesome, housewarming gifts are also welcome!

How to get there: Take the Orange Line to the Stony Brook stop. Or drive – street parking is plentify and doesn’t require a sticker.

Oh noes I can’t make it! Don’t worry – this is really meant to be a low-key thing. There will be a more formal launch event later in the fall. 



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