The Steadiness of Showing Up

Our very own Pam Werntz was featured in the news being amazing.

For almost 20 years, the Rev. Pam Werntz, Rector of Emmanuel Church in Boston, has been spending her Monday nights in prison.  She is the creator of the art and spirituality program at the Suffolk County House of Correction at South Bay, a volunteer ministry that provides time, space and supplies for incarcerated women to make greeting cards for their family members, or simply to draw and color.

This year, Werntz has taken a step back from running the COURTESY PHOTOThe Rev. Pamela Werntzoperations of the program, handing over most of the administration to the Rev. Amanda March, parish administrator at Emmanuel and a transitional deacon. Nineteen years after starting the program, Werntz reflected back upon her ministry at South Bay.

“I started the program because most of the women who are incarcerated have minor children, and don’t have a way to communicate with their families that’s meaningful,” Werntz said.  “Many children don’t even know where their mothers are; their mothers are ashamed to tell them. For the children the mothers are just gone. So this is a spiritually supportive setting for women to make cards, to color, to draw, to write letters.”

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