Dismantling Racism, one conversation at a time

The Trinity Boston Foundation has been an awesome conversation partner with us as we imagine how to integrate intentional communities with their neighborhoods in positive ways that help dismantle gentrification. Check out the awesome write-up they got in the Boston Globe!

Twenty coworkers gathered in the basement of Trinity Church in Copley Square this month for a blunt discussion about racism in their workplace. The question on the table: How does the “culture of white supremacy” show up in their organization?

Not the Ku Klux Klan, said Rebecca Jackson, a social worker on staff who helped lead the session. Rather, she said, the subtle habits and values that tend to keep white people comfortable and in charge — and people of color at the margins.

Then, the group did something even more radical: They separated themselves by race to talk more — white people in one room, people of color in another.

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