Celebrate our cooperative economy

Want to learn more about co-housing and investing a cooperative economy? This is a great place to start!

Come celebrate our cooperative economy!

The Boston Cooperative Investment Club (BCIC) is hosting a party to celebrate the co-ops that we have funded so far, to spread the word about investing in our cooperative economy, and to help build connections between the various co-ops and communities that are involved.

Learn more about co-operative houses and businesses in Massachusetts.
Learn what it can mean to support the co-operative economy through investment.
Share your passion and enthusiasm with others in the co-operative movement.

BCIC’s official mission is to invest in cooperatives and organizations that support cooperatives. Our unofficial mission is to redefine what investment looks like in our society and help to create more spaces in the economic landscape for co-cooperatively owned and operated businesses to grow and thrive.

This event will feature a brief talking program from 2:30-3 in which coops BCIC has invested in talk a bit about what they’re doing! The rest of the event will be for meeting other co-op enthusiasts, chatting more with any local co-ops that you found interesting, and drinking beer made by local coop Democracy Brewing.

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