An Evening with the Brothers of Taize

On Sunday, Sept 25th at the MIT CHapel, the Boston-Cambridge Mission Hub welcomes Brothers John and Emile of the Taizé community in France for an evening of food, prayer, and conversation about life in intentional community.

5pm Dinner with informal conversation. (Food is provided, but contact us if you have dietary needs.)

6:15pm Workshops on three topics.

  • Pilgrimage of Trust: Launched over 35 years ago to foster trust between people through living and praying together, this year’s pilgrimage leads to St Louis and focuses on racial reconciliation. Learn how you can be involved in this important work. Led by Rita Powell of Trinity Copley and Kelly Steinhaus of Unite Boston.
  • Lazarus at the Gate: Explore the ways community challenges and equips us to live the Biblical values of generosity, simple living, and just consumption. Led by Michael Zahniser of The Crossing and Elizabeth Grady-Harper and Christa Lee-Chuvala of the Boston Faith and Justice Network.
  • Why Community: Parishes, households, neighborhoods, social scenes, and subcultures all hold us in different ways. Learn how different manifestations of community intersect and why they matter. Led by Isaac Everett of the Boston-Cambridge Mission Hub.

8pm Worship in the Taizé tradition of simple prayer and chant.

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